Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Microsoft Office Picture Manager manages and edits digital pictures. This program includes "Hue and saturation" settings that allow you to adjust the color on a scale. Click and drag the slider on the "Amount" or "Hue" scale for a custom look. Saving this edited file as a separate copy from the original keeps the original file intact for reference. Step 1 Open the saved picture file in "Microsoft Office Picture Manager." Step 2 Click on "Edit Pictures" on the Formatting toolbar. Step 3 Click on "Color" in the "Edit Pictures" pane to the right of the picture. This pane includes "Hue and saturation settings." Step 4 Click on the "Hue and saturation settings," such as "Amount" or "Hue." Click on the slider to achieve the desired effect. You can also enter a value in the settings text box.

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